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About Woodside Deli

The Woodside Deli had been a house hold name for over 60 years. In that time we have managed to maintain an impeccable level of consistency, quality, and affordability. Many of our customers have been frequenting here their entire lives, and can enjoy a sense of nostalgia.
So what is Woodside Deli all about? We are a deli, with a twist of everything. Traditional deli sandwiches, Italian fare, hearty soul food, and far as catering goes, we can work with any budget and any imagination.


Our goal is to continue doing what we have been all this time: providing our community with a sense of comfort. As many places open and close over the years, The Woodside Deli has stayed loyal to our loyal customers.


What began in 1947 has blossomed into a local business with two locations and booming catering business. While times may change and the business will go, our owner Sharon Elzarat maintains that the focus has been and will always be to provide affordable, quality food to the community. 


Hearing From You


Jay Masterbarber

"Great breakfast affordable and closest to Grandma's"


Nigel Daniel

"This place will occasionally get very busy, but the food is worth the wait."


Danielle Rizk

"This was a great dining experience from beginning to end! The food was excellent, the service fast and friendly, and the atmosphere was great! Will be returning soon. "

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